Have you caught yourself…?

If you’re a perfectionist, you might have found yourself in a similar position.

Yesterday, while doing my every night reading I came across an interesting fact.

I was reading Andrew Evans and Adam Evans book ‘Secrets of Performing Confidence,’ and one thing I realised was that everyone at some point might struggle to catch themselves in the vicious circle of perfection.

What, I would like to do is to share their tips with you on how to overcome and very likely break the vicious circle.

Vicious circle.jpeg

“In order to escape from the cycle  shown above we have to find an exit point. This can be:

  • Unrealistic self-expectations - substitute a more realistic expectation

  • Self blame for a bad results, loss of confidence - long term improvement is much more important than your current state or temporary setbacks.

  • Procrastination - don’t delay, do it today!

  • Reduced productivity - work instead of worry

  • Empty overwork - focus on achievable goals and work on those


The key is to develop a lifestyle where actually carrying out activities is the most important thing. In a unit of one hour the perfectionist worries. In the same unit of one hour the high achiever works.”

In my opinion some wise words on how to stop worrying and start doing. Remember you are not alone, there are people out there who are willing to help you if only you ask.




Makeda McMillan