Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Day!

To raise awareness for World Mental Health Awareness Day we visited Islington Arts & Media School to talk to the students about our plan and give them knowledge on mental health, what it is and how they could help people with mental health. We arrived in time for lunch and after setting up our pop-up station we received a great reception from an excitable bunch of students who wanted to know more about us and what they could do. Lunch-time went down well in the playground and we conducted some interviews with the students, who all had different and original answers to the questions we had!

Onto the end of the day and the year 9 assembly. After being introduced by Constance, a short video of the work that Fundamentals do was used to inform the students who were all engaged and loved seeing some of their peers on the big screen. Artist Raphael Blake then performed his Spoken Word piece titled ‘Pilot’ which was received very well by an engaged group. A poetry performance by a group of year 9s, who were taught by Raphael in our last Fundamentals session at the school, followed and was enjoyed by everyone.

A huge thank you to Ms.Grey and the Islington Arts & Media School for accommodating us and for all their efforts to raise awareness about Mental Health!

Happy World Mental Health Awareness Day to everyone! #HelloYellow