FundaMentals Steering Group

On Friday 2nd November the Fundamentals team went back to Islington Arts & Media to discuss the Fundamentals project so far and asked for their input into developing the project over the next two years.

The Fundamentals teams asked the students how they felt about our sessions and their thoughts and importance on good mental health. We were so impressed about the maturity of these students, and how they were articulating themselves. They said that our Fundamentals sessions have helped them to talk and more importantly feel like they are being listened to. They also expressed that the interactive sessions were crucial and encouraged us to do more cross-art forms going forwards. 

Here is what some of the students said:

‘It is an incredibly brave for people to talk and perform in something that is not a comfortable subject’.  

‘Our age need to know these problems exist’.  

‘Never heard an assembly so quiet, it was interactive through an important subject’. (world mental health day)

‘If I ever needed help with my mental health I know where to get support because of Fundamentals’.

We are so grateful to these students and Mrs Grey to give their time to enlighten us and improve our Fundamentals work, it has been wonderful to exchange with them.

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Makeda McMillan