Mental Health Awareness Week

What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Everybody has mental health but some people find it harder to cope with than others. As part of a plan to destigmatise mental illness and normalise it, events are 

Mental Health Awareness Week commences this week from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th May. This year the subject being focused on is Body Image. Events, workshops and sessions are going to be held across the country, but what should you expect from us over the week?

Over the week we’re providing entertaining and informative content in the form of videos, graphics and blogs. Discussing mental health, body image and the link between the two.

We’re visiting schools and youth centres across the Camden and Islington borough. Kicking our week off at Highgate Hill and concluding at Highbury Grove. Our artists Raphael Blake, Floetic Lara and Libby Liburd have put together new and exciting workshop sessions for the young people. 

Featured. Everyday this week we’ll be featuring a different organisation everyday and letting you know what they do and how you can get in contact.

Everybody has mental health and that is why we’re working very hard to get that message out!

Makeda McMillan