The Power of Conversation

Since the beginning of time, words have held great power. In this article I will explore why the words in the conversations you have about your mental health are so important.

Before we can ever progress in life we need to talk. Rome wasn’t built in a day but it wasn’t built in silence also. Speaking is a great way to release trapped thoughts and feelings and the things said hold so much power. In life everything we believe is never shown to us it is told to us and we choose to believe it or not and that is how much power words hold. We have no idea what the future holds but speaking positively about it breeds a positive mindset.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter who the conversation is with. I came to realisation life was good and I was doing well after having a conversation with a nice drunk guy on the night tube. Since then I’ve used that conversation to push me onto dream bigger and better things. Our conversation went from my photography to my mental health in the 6 minutes we shared whilst waiting for our Victoria line train. I don’t remember that man, and doubt I will ever see him again, but you can see what the effect of that one conversation we had, had on me.

It seems hard to begin a conversation about mental health but I have specially picked out some steps that might help.

How to start a conversation

  1. Just talk. Talk about anything, the weather, the sports, school, work, lunch, animals, anything. The last thing somebody wants is for their mental health to be the sole topic of discussion.

  2. Never forget step 1

The power of conversation is something that cannot be overlooked. Start a conversation with your loved ones today, the happiest ones, the saddest ones and the ones in the middle. Check how they’re feeling. How are YOU feeling today? Go tell somebody. Haven’t got anybody to tell it to? Tell us about it @werfundamentals because everybody has mental health.

Makeda McMillan