Mental Health in Sport: The Good

Sport is much more than just ‘a way to keep physically fit’. Taking a deeper dive into the effects of sport on the individual gives us the chance to discover more ways in which it helps us upkeep our health.

Mentally; sport to the mind is what caffeine is to the body. When partaking in sports it does a host of things like improve your mood & increase your concentration. It is known to give you a quick burst of energy and adrenaline which helps to relax the mind.

Challenge; sport is as challenging to the mind as a game of chess. With the need to concentrate whilst doing sport it gives the mind a challenge which is a great way to take your mind off things. When life gets overwhelming and there is a lot to think about, sport is a great way to take your mind off it; from a full 11-a-side football match to a slow jog around your road.

Self confidence; sport keeps you at a healthy weight. Everyone knows that doing sport helps to keep everyone physically fit but what does being physically fit do/mean to you? A lot. The way you walk, talk and think when you’re physically fit is like a constant compliment to yourself and you begin to stop caring what people think about you because you’re happy in yourself. Sport is a great way to help with your anxiety, when you score, make a tackle, complete a run, it’s an awesome feeling and it can’t really be replaced.

Sport does a lot for the human mind and can be a hero to people who feel down.

Makeda McMillan